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Thu, Oct. 27th, 2005, 09:24 am
SFSU Demo Marking 2000 Soilder Killed and in Opposition to Marine Recruiters

About 200 students at San Francisco State University rallied yesterday to protest military recruitment on our campus. The protest was organized by a coalition of student organizations including Students Against War, MechA, the General Union of Palestinian Students, the College Democrats, VOX (Voices for Sexual Freedom), The International Socialist Organization, and Speak Out.

Speakers spoke about the complicity of the administration in the war and its support of the military, about the tradition of student power and protest on our campus, about the racism that permeates american policy from targeted recruitment of minorities to the practices of the IMF and WTO, among many other things. Aimee Alison of the Oakland Green Party spoke about her experience being recruited, and a current active duty soldier under the condition of anonimity spoke about his opposition to the war. Due to the unfortunate coincidence of the death of the 2,000 soldier in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan was unable to attend as she was in Washington DC.

The rally was held without amplified sound in Malcolm X plaza due to the rules of the university which specify amplified sound is only allowed in the plaza (which is our free speech zone) only between 12 and 2.

The event was covered by the press. View local fox news coverage here

The recruiters were not on campus due to the coordination of the administration with the Marines. The recruiters are expected instead today. Students plan to attend the job fair and form a line to ask questions and occupy the recruiters time. Our administaration has obviously gone on the defensive due to the actions of students last semester and the actions of students across the country.

-Kristin Anderson

Wed, Oct. 26th, 2005, 10:02 am

For Immediate Release: Monday, October 24

Cindy Sheehan flies to White House to protest 2000th US Fatality in Iraq

Contacts: Lacy MacAuley and Michael Hoffman
What: Rally, Press conference, opposing campus recruiters
When: Wednesday, October 26, 10:30 AM
Where: SFSU Campus, Malcolm X Plaza (center of campus)

The expected 2000th US fatality in Iraq will be marked by hundreds of protests around the country, including Cindy Sheehan going directly to the White House to demand a meeting with President Bush. In San Francisco, the major protest will take place at San Francisco State University (SFSU) as students and community members protest both the presence of Marine recruiters on campus and the death of the 2000th US soldier.

Students and protesters will rally at San Francisco State University(SFSU)10:30 AM this Wednesday to oppose any military recruiters who dare to come onto campus. Matt Gonzalez of the Green Party, Aimee Allison, a conscientious objector in the first Gulf War and currently on the steering committee of the College Not Combat-Yes on Prop I campaign, Sharon Adams of the National Lawyers Guild, and others will be speaking against the presence of military recruiters at the campus job fair and against the brutal
war in Iraq which has killed over 100,000 Iraqi Civilians and now 2,000 US soldiers. Cindy Sheehan of Gold Star Families for Peace, grieving mother of a fallen US soldier who camped out outside Bush's ranch in Crawford,lends her support to SFSU students as she travels to Washington DC. Read more...Collapse )

Wed, Oct. 12th, 2005, 09:37 am
Countdown to a Legal Lynching

California Prepares to Execute Tookie Williams
Countdown to a Legal Lynching

On the morning of October 11, the US Supreme Court declared that it will not hear the case of Stanley Tookie Williams, the most famous inmate on San Quentin's death row.

Last February, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals turned down Stan's request for a new hearing by a vote of 15 to 9. But the minority issued a blistering dissent, condemning the "blatant, race-based jury selection" in Williams' original trial.

Williams appeal reached the Supreme Court in May, where it has been sitting ever since. A decision was originally expected last week, but the court delayed, reportedly to allow its new Chief Justice an opportunity to weigh in on the case. Now it has spoken in no uncertain terms.

Welcome to the racist Roberts' court. Read more...Collapse )

Sun, Oct. 9th, 2005, 05:20 pm

National Counter-Recruitment Conference

October 22-23
University of California, Berkeley
Co-sponsored by the
Campus Antiwar Network and
Military Out of Our Schools—Bay Area
that will bring together:

College Students
Parents & Educators
Community Activists & Organizers
Vets & Military Families
* Pablo Paredes--conscientious objector from the Iraq war
* Aidan Delgado--Iraq War Vet and conscientious objector
* Charles Peterson--Holyoke Community College student brutalized at a peaceful counter-recruitment protest on campus this semester
* Peter Camejo--Green Party leader
* Fernando Suarez del Solar—Gold Star Family member
* Zeina Zaatari--National Council of Arab-Americans
* Arlene Inouye, Kevin Ramirez, Rick Jahnkow, Company of Prophets, Dangerous Minds, youth poets, eyewitnesses from the "Relief Not War" caravans to New Orleans, tons of college and high school students opposing recruiters at their schools, and many more...

The more the military lies, the more people die .

We say enough!

Read more...Collapse )

Thu, Sep. 29th, 2005, 03:36 pm
Police Repression of Counter-Recruiters

Here is a report from a witness:
James York shire327@yahoo.com

"I was at protest that kicked the recruiters off HCC,
here is my quick summary of events:

About 50 or so activist organized by the AWC (anti-war
coalition; CAN chapter on HCC) gathered to protest
militarty recruiters. Chants money for jobs and
education/not for war and occcupation, Relief not War,
college not combat attracked many people passing by.Read more...Collapse )

Tue, Sep. 27th, 2005, 09:30 pm
Etan Thomas Electrifies Anti-War Washington

The Speech Everyone Is Talking About: Etan Thomas
Etan Thomas Electrifies Anti-War Washington

by Dave Zirin

Every generation the wide world of corporate sports produces an athlete with the iron resolve and moral urgency to step off their pedestal and join the fight for social justice. A century ago, it was boxer Jack Johnson, flaunting, as WEB DuBois put it, "his unforgivable blackness." In the 1930s, "the Brown Bomber" Joe Louis and track star Jesse Owens took turns spitting in Hitler's eyes, and Mildred Babe Didrikson continued to show that a woman could be the equal - if not superior – of any man. In the 1940s and 50s, Jackie Robinson, Pee Wee Reese, and the Brooklyn Dodgers advanced the cause of civil rights through the transgressive act of the multi-racial double play. In the 1960s, Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown, Bill Russell, David Meggyesy, Tommie Smith, and John Carlos showed how mass struggle could ricochet into the world of sports with electric results. In the 1970s, Billie Jean King used a wicked forehand, and took to the streets, to demand equal rights for women, and Curt Flood showed the labor movement - and the bosses - how to go from crumbs to a bigger piece of the pie. In the 1980's Martina Navratilova came out of the closet and onto center court, with her girlfriend on her sinewy arm in plain view of all. Read more...Collapse )

Fri, Sep. 9th, 2005, 10:22 am
Katrina shows there are two Americas

George Galloway Statement: ‘Katrina shows there are two Americas’

The scenes from the stricken city almost defy belief. Many, many
thousands of people left to die in what is the richest, most powerful country
on earth.

This obscenity is as far from a natural disaster as George Bush and the
US elite are from the suffering masses of New Orleans.

The images of Bush luxuriating at his ranch and of his secretary of
state shopping for $7,000 shoes while disaster swamped the US Gulf Coast
will haunt this administration.

In the most terrible way imaginable they show to the whole world that
it is not only the lives of people in Baghdad, Fallujah and Palestine
that Bush holds cheap. It is also his own citizens — the black and poor
people left behind with no food, water or shelter. Read more...Collapse )

Fri, Sep. 9th, 2005, 10:14 am
The racism I’ve seen in New Orleans

Anti-death penalty activist on bigotry in her hometown
“The racism I’ve seen in New Orleans”
September 9, 2005 | Page 9

MONIQUE MATTHEWS is the sister of exonerated death row prisoner Ryan Matthews. Arrested at age 17 for a crime he didn’t commit and convicted in a two-day trial riddled with racism, Ryan was finally released from Louisiana’s death row in June 2004. Monique and her mother, Pauline, became outspoken fighters for justice on Ryan’s behalf and are active in the Campaign to End the Death Penalty.

Monique, Pauline and their family evacuated their New Orleans home on Sunday, the day before Hurricane Katrina struck, and made it safely to Chattanooga, Tenn. Ryan evacuated to Baton Rogue, La. Socialist Worker’s LEE WENGRAF spoke to Monique about their ordeal, and about the city’s legacy of racism.Read more...Collapse )

Mon, Sep. 5th, 2005, 05:39 pm
Hurricane Katrina-Our Experiences

Hurricane Katrina-Our Experiences

Larry Bradshaw
Lorrie Beth Slonsky

Two days after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the Walgreen's store at
the corner of Royal and Iberville streets remained locked. The dairy display
case was clearly visible through the widows. It was now 48 hours without
electricity, running water, plumbing. The milk, yogurt, and cheeses were beginning
to spoil in the 90-degree heat. The owners and managers had locked up the
food, water, pampers, and prescriptions and fled the City. Outside Walgreen's
windows, residents and tourists grew increasingly thirsty and hungry.

The much-promised federal, state and local aid never materialized and the
windows at Walgreen's gave way to the looters. There was an alternative. The
cops could have broken one small window and distributed the nuts, fruit juices,
and bottle water in an organized and systematic manner. But they did not.
Instead they spent hours playing cat and mouse, temporarily chasing away the
looters. Read more...Collapse )

Wed, Aug. 24th, 2005, 09:06 pm

For Immediate Release August 21, 2005

Contact: David Meieran, 412-996-4986
Nathan Shaffer, 412-720-9276

Counter-Recruitment Demonstration Ends in Five Arrests and Two Hospitalizations

Pittsburgh, PA – The Pittsburgh Police Department displayed an excessive use of
force at a demonstration yesterday outside a military recruitment station
located near the University of Pittsburgh. Five were arrested, two were
hospitalized and several others received injuries as a result of police
unwarranted use of Tasers, pepper spray, retracting batons and K-9 units. Two
others were issued citations when they complained about police misconduct.Read more...Collapse )

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